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Off The Line Performance bridges the gap between the Subaru street car scene and two of the premier engine builders in the business, IAG Performance and Outfront Motorsports. Outfront was born in the sand and continues to feed the demand for horsepower in the dunes. IAG performance has taken the street car scene by storm and has some of the worlds fastest street, track and drag Subarus. Each with their unique closed deck block designs has demonstrated a level of reliability that has yet to be seen with any other solution.

Customers order their engines through us due to the overall build support that is offered. We can help you plan all aspects of your build and give you a detailed estimate of what it will take to properly reach your goals. Choosing the correct supporting mods and properly tuning your car are critical to success. We provide honest feedback to your plans and help you get the most from your budget without sacrificing quality and performance.


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