Install Guide: OTL Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC) 2" High-Flow Piping Kit - 2023+ GR Corolla

Install Guide: OTL Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC) 2" High-Flow Piping Kit - 2023+ GR Corolla

Installing OTL Aftermarket Intercooler Piping Kit For 2023 Toyota GR Corolla: A Step-by-Step Guide

Today, we’ll guide you through the installation of our OTL Front Mount Intercooler GRC High-Flow Piping Kit, highlighting the unboxing experience, the available color options, and installing on our own GR Corolla.

OTL GRC Intercooler Piping Kit Includes

When you order the OTL piping kit, here’s what you can expect:

  • A set of couplers.
  • An elbow pipe.
  • Powder-coated black intercooler piping.

Installation Process

Tip: You don’t need to remove the front bumper for this installation—just the belly shield.

Step 1: Preparation

  • Raise the Car: Ensure the car is lifted and secure.
  • Locate the Intercooler Piping: Begin on the passenger side. You’ll use the pipe with a more significant bend and a bracket designed to fit the OEM location.

Step 2: Removing OEM Piping

  • Detach Clamps: Remove the worm clamps from the intercooler and turbo connections.
  • Remove OEM Pipe: After loosening, take off the OEM pipe.

Step 3: Installing OTL Piping

  • Orient New Piping: Position the new piping similar to the OEM layout, with the 90-degree bend facing you.
  • Attach Piping: Slide the OTL piping onto the intercooler and turbo, ensuring a proper fit before tightening any clamps.

Step 4: Securing Clamps

  • Position Clamps: Place clamps for easy access. Position them facing upwards or in a way that allows you to tighten them easily from the top.
  • Tighten: Secure all clamps once the piping is properly aligned.

Final Adjustments

  • Check Clearances: Ensure there’s enough space between the tensioner belt and the intercooler piping.
  • Front Intercooler Pipe: For the driver’s side, remove the OEM plastic piping by loosening the clamps and replacing it with the OTL high-flow hard pipe.

Key Tips

  • Clamps Positioning: Face them for easy access and tightening.
  • Alignment: If the piping doesn’t line up, adjust the intercooler coupler.


With everything tightened and secured, your installation is complete! The OTL piping not only looks cleaner but is also designed for enhanced performance. Available in three colors, these pipes are perfect for anyone looking to increase boost and power while maintaining durability.

Our OTL intercooler piping is currently available for $249.99 on our website. These pipes are a fantastic upgrade, especially if you’re planning to boost your car’s performance. The improved design reduces failure points and supports higher boost levels compared to OEM components.

Get yours today

Happy tuning, and we’ll see you in the next post!

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