OTL - 2022 Audi RS-Q8 Akrapovic Exhaust Install

OTL - 2022 Audi RS-Q8 Akrapovic Exhaust Install

We brought our 2022 Audi RS-Q8 back into the shop for a much needed update to its exhaust.

Our goal was to increase volume while retaining the factory exhaust volume functions, and adding some tone. Enter the Akrapovic titanium exhaust.

As far as quality is concerned, this spicy unit has it well covered. The titanium material and welds are fantastic, and install was straight forward. There is some wires to be ran though… What for? The Akrapovic comes with everything you need to control the volume via the factory system (comfort mode quiet - sport mode loud). We opted for the additional sound kit as well, which gives you the ability to override the factory system all together with the push of a button.

The outcome was a wonder exhaust note, that is neither to loud or two quiet. The best of both worlds, improving an already magnificent car.


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