OTL Exhaust Backpressure Canister

OTL Exhaust Backpressure Canister


This Canister is used to read your Exhaust Back Pressure on a turbo applications in your street or drag car.

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This canister is used to dampen the exhaust pulses and pressure spikes in the exhaust stream that are caused by high boost pressures and launch control. This, in turn, helps to smooth out the readings of a pressure sensor on the opposite end, as well as extend it’s life. This product is intended to be used in conjunction with either a pressure transducer or a MAP sensor, depending on the application. 5 to 7-bar MAP sensor recommended. The mounting hole size fits a M6 bolt and the ends are threaded in stainless steel 1/8″ NPT female thread for use with AN or Compression fittings.


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